Nutritional Workshops

Periodic workshops are designed to be an informative, creative, and fun way of fostering a healthier, happier journey to wellness. Clients, family and friends, and anyone interested are invited to partake in workshops on a variety of topics. Groups of eight or more may schedule private workshops in their homes or workplaces. Workshop titles include:

  • Specialized food preparation techniques, e.g.
  • cultured and fermented food,
  • soaking and sprouting techniques.
  • Gluten and grain free living
  • dairy free, soy free living
  • Holistic approach to optimal digestion
  • Selection and preparation of wholesome, nutrient-dense foods
  • Metabolic Fitness
  • Controlling the sugar beast within
  • Calming inflammation
  • Navigating the grocery store maze
  • Stocking and organizing the home pantry
  • Creative meal planning
  • Detoxifying your toxic self

Individual Nutritional Wellness Consultations

Birgitte Antonsen with clientsNutritional wellness is a holistic approach to examining and balancing the total body, taking into consideration individual health challenges, food intake, and lifestyle choices. Prior to the initial visit, a client will be asked to complete a series of assessment questionnaires. The first office visit involves approximately one and one-half hours of time dedicated to a comprehensive review of the intake forms as well as a hands-on nutritional assessment utilizing Nutritional Response Testing (NRT).™ A new client can expect to leave the clinic with a clear set of priorities, a food list generated with their unique nutritional needs addressed, and whole food supplements that will support the body during the journey to optimal health.

Initially, return visits will be scheduled every two weeks for approximately 2-3 months. Subsequent visits will take place about every four weeks.  Each visit takes about 45 minutes. Progress is assessed both subjectively by patient feedback and objectively using NRT. Dietary changes are monitored and altered as needed. Supplementation is evaluated and changed as required. A new set of priorities and goals are established at each visit. Ultimately, the client will enter a maintenance level of nutritional support to sustain wellness at which time visits will occur on an as needed basis.

Nutritional Response Testing™ is a technique developed to efficiently and effectively assess a client’s health status. Each NRT reflex represents a specific organ, tissue or body function controlled by the autonomic nervous system. NRT is not intended as a means of diagnosing or treating actual disease. Rather, the NRT muscle testing technique serves as a biofeedback assessment tool to reveal disturbances in energy flow. These imbalances can be the result of exposure to environmental toxins, heavy metals, food intolerances, immune system challenges, even body scars or tattoos. The same NRT method is employed to set priority for correction of imbalances and to evaluate the selection and dosage of nutritional supplementation that will best facilitate restoration of health and vitality. I use Nutritional Response Testing™ at each clinic visit to provide a consistent, safe and reliable means of evaluating a client’s progress.