Practice Philosophy

We live in a world laden with toxic substances that negatively affect our ability to experience health at its best. These toxins represent the vast array of chemical substances and their by-products used in industry and farming today. Toxins are in the air we breathe, in the food we eat and in the water we drink. Toxins are even in the packaging that our food comes in and in the homes that we share with family and friends. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has determined that many of these pesticides, herbicides, and food additives are known to be harmful to plants, animals, and the human body and still permits their use. To some degree exposure to these damaging substances is unavoidable, but there is personal choice involved as well. Where we live, what we do, and what we eat are individual choices that define our lifestyle and ultimately affect our health and sense of well-being. The old adage “you are what you eat” is truer today than ever before.

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Many people do not make the connection between their daily living habits and the symptoms they suffer. Long before symptoms appear imbalances have occurred within the body at the cellular and tissue level which impair the body’s ability to regenerate and heal. Since the body replaces more than 300 billion cells every single day, we have the ability to control the quality of those new cells and actively participate in slowing down the aging process. Consuming a diet of heavily refined foods deprives the body of vital macro- and micro-nutrients, thus perpetuating the degenerative cycle. These foods are “dead”, not really foods at all, and are incapable of providing the raw materials, energy, and vitality that come from whole, nutrient-dense food. Ultimately, we must each take responsibility for our personal choices. This is true for just about every aspect of our lives, but critically true when it comes to our health. What choices will you make?

In the last few years the debate of GMO, Genetic modified organism, has been fueled by decline in health and a broader awareness of our polluted environment. Watch the Genetic Roulette.

My mission as a nutritional therapy practitioner and whole food trained chef is to evaluate, educate, and encourage each and every client in making dietary and lifestyle choices that promote health and wellness. I believe that the body has an innate intelligence that is programmed for balance and healing. I believe the body is capable of communicating its nutritional needs and if these needs are met the body will begin to detoxify and heal. I advocate an individualized diet that focuses on organic whole foods and proper food preparation. My holistic approach takes into consideration the entire person – their unique metabolic type, nutritional strengths and deficits, food likes and dislikes – and results in an individualized dietary plan. I use whole food supplementation to support the body and to facilitate a more rapid recovery. I am passionate about my work and would welcome the opportunity to accompany you on your personal wellness journey.